Backup and Disaster Recovery

What Is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Ransomware? Anti-Virus? Failed Had Drives?

Backup can save you from these and other similar small scale issues. Of course, they are only small scale if you have a backup.

Disaster Recovery on the other hand is a more holistic, complete solution to to the little issues and to the bigger events events that are large enough to destroy the unprepared business, or in some cases a great many businesses.

It could be a hurricane, tornado, floods, wildfires, or even a more singular event like YOUR building burning down. 

COVID19 has destroyed tens of thousands of businesses across the US and millions of jobs. Many of those businesses required open doors and showroom floors to avoid the worst. BUT many, perhaps many thousands, could have survived the lockdowns and executive orders if they had a viable Disaster Recovery Plan that included work from home options.

Again Disaster Recovery is an approach that attempts to anticipate as many unknowns and possible events and plan a path through for your business. While COVID19 and the subsequent response were unique events, the result was not. Fires and floods and shuttered many businesses when a remote work solution could have changed the outcome. After 9/11 many businesses in NY that were NOT in the towers were forced to close because they could not gain access to adjacent buildings that were closed as a result of that disaster.

It can seem difficult to plan for disasters of that scale. Particularly for small businesses. The investment of time and money seems to be an insurmountable obstacle.

It doesn’t need to be. Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans are as scalable as business.

When you have 10,000 employees it is very expensive to have a comprehensive, viable Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan. If your business has 250 or fewer employees it may not be as expensive as you think.

There are a few simple questions that need to be addressed for any BDR plan to be successful.

  1. Do you have monitored and tested onsite and offsite backups of your critical data? When was your last test restore completed?
  2. If one or more of your facilities were to become unusable can your employees perform your work from an alternate location? If you have specialized process or manufacturing equipment, can it be moved? Can it be replicated or leased from a 3rd party during an emergency?
  3. Do key people in your organization know how to access the backups? Do they know how to execute the plan? Do you have a process to inform employees of changes in work schedules and work locations?

Teksys Networks can help you answer these questions.

We can evaluate your current backup system and, if needed, help deliver a backup solution that works.

If you are ready we can help you develop a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan that is scaled for your business and your budget.
Email or call 9779-695-9955

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