Cloud Backup

A critical part of any Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan includes Off-Site Backup. Teksys Networks will monitor your Configure, Monitor and Test your Cloud Backups ensuring if disaster strikes your data is safe.

Teksys Backup will store your data will be stored in highly resilient, world-class data centers hosted by Amazon, Microsoft or similar providers.

Teksys provides Cloud Backup Software that will encrypt your data before it leaves you facility ensuring you remain compliant with internal company standards, HIPAA and other data protection requirements.

When backing up you can choose to maintain multiple versions of files, real time backups, scheduled backups and more. Your Teksys Customer Service Representative can explain the options options and costs associated with each selection.

As part of a robust Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan, Teksys can also help set up aOn Premises Backup reliable On-Premises Backup Solution.

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