How Can I See Older Versions Of My Word Document?

It’s often useful when dealing with a document to be able to see your previously saved versions to check for changes and so on. This is now an easy process in Microsoft Word, provided that you have a Microsoft 365 subscription with your files being saved to OneDrive (1 TB of OneDrive storage comes as standard with a subscription).

To view previous versions of the document you’re working on, you can either click the file name in Word’s top bar or click File –> Info; in either case then select Version History. You will be presented with a list of saved versions of your document, starting with the most recent, and you can examine any document simply by clicking “Open version.”

Additionally, you can click on the “Compare” button and Word will migrate the previous document data over to your latest version where you can click on Revisions and see what changes were made and by whom.

If you want more detail, select Simple Markup in the Review menu and word will show you line by line, character by character what has been taken out or added between the two documents: excisions will be highlighted with a red strikethrough, and additions will be highlighted with red characters and a red underline.

If you decide you prefer your old document, you can click on the Restore option in the Version History window and this will make the older version your latest version.

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