Internet Explorer To Ride Off Into The Sunset

Microsoft’s browser we all love to hate, except when we need it, is officially being retired on June 15, 2022. The unpopular browser has remained a feature of all Windows operating systems, due primarily to the fact that many businesses built websites and interfaces using IE specific functionality and didn’t wish to re-write them.

Microsoft says that its new Edge browser, based on the Chromium system, has built-in backward compatibility with Explorer, meaning that any legacy websites/apps based on the browser will still be funtional. Explorer will continue to function on Windows 10 LTSC and every current version of Windows Server, and Microsoft promises that the functionality in Edge will be supported up to 2029 at the earliest.

Scrapping Explorer in this way means that Microsoft can streamline operations as there are 5 million lines of code that no longer need supporting, and IT departments will no longer have the concern that people are, for whatever reason, using the notoriously insecure browser on sites that don’t need it.

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