Managed IT Services

Hiring in-house can be expensive and often results in sub-standard network management. Expecting one person to offer expert level support across a variety of systems simply isn’t realistic. Vacation, sick-days, high-turnover can all have an negative impact on IT needs.

Hiring out IT work on a piecemeal basis is often the first step for small businesses when their IT environment reaches the level of complexity where the founder or other early employees max out their ability to grow the business and manage the network.

The issue with a piecemeal approach is its inherent lack of structure. Different technicians, different tech companies can lead to excess expense and inadequate service. Often small businesses pay for each technician to “rediscover” the IT environment before the issue of the moment can be resolved. Or in other cases, not knowing the history of a network, the technician called out to resolve an issue can “break” the prior technician’s ad hoc fix to a different issue. There are of course great providers out there but they are always constrained by the inherent break/fix, sit and wait, budget conscious model. It can be hard for a small business to justify, in the moment, paying for a tech company to go beyond the current issue and begin the process of creating a truly structured approach to technology.

In Comes Managed IT Services

Instead of dealing with turnover, vacation, training, inexperience and disjointed service, Managed IT Services offers a different path. Managed IT Services brings structure to an IT environment. Having a proactive approach to network management reduces downtime and increases productivity.

There are different classes of Managed IT Services. You can choose from the different options to find a plan that meets your business needs and your budget needs.

The CORE Plan delivers the structured approach that resolves so many of the disadvantages to in-house employees AND the outsourced break/fix approach where most small businesses start their IT journey. Suddenly your network operates on a documented plan. Technicians begin each service ticket with a documented snapshot of your computers, network and other technology. This saves an enormous amount of wasted time becoming current before work can begin. It also means having access to multiple levels of expertise. No more hit or miss with a different technician on every service call or an employee who works hard but has limited experience and depth of knowledge. The CORE Plan includes the backend support of decades of IT experience from our in-house personnel and the high level support offered by our technology partners like Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, ConnectWise, Sophos, WebRoot and many others.

The CORE Plan

  • Server Management including OS patching, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware, Active Directory
  • Computer Management including OS patching, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Infrastructure Management, Routers, Switches
  • Cloud Backup Services for Servers (100GB Per Server)
  • Technical Support & Remote Support
  • Remote Monitoring of Covered Devices
  • Discounted Rates for On-Site Services
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) detailing what items are covered and what response times can be expected.

The BRONZE Plan extends the CORE Plan by adding:

  • On-Site Services for Covered Devices.

The SILVER Plan builds on BRONZE by adding:

  • Cloud Backup Services for Servers (1TB) and PCs & MACs (100GB)
  • A subscription for Office365 E3 for each covered PC or MAC including Hosted Exchange.
  • Extended Service Hours

Additional Plans are available providing increased Cloud Storage, extended On-Site hours, coverage for specialized Line-Of-Business hardware and/or software.

Teksys’s Managed IT Services ~ Peace of Mind for Your Small Business

TekSys brings a team. In addition to our experienced in-house technicians, we are partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, Sophos, Dell, Lenovo and more.

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