Managed IT Services

Let TekSys be your IT Solution. 
Hiring in-house can be expensive and often results in sub-standard network management. Expecting one person to offer expert level support across a variety of systems simply isn’t realistic. Vacation, sick-days, high-turnover can all have an negative impact on IT needs.
TekSys brings a team. In addition to our experienced in-house technicians, we are partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, Sophos, Dell, Lenovo and more.

Cloud Services

TekSys offers website hosting, POP email, Exchange hosted email and Office 365 plans. If your business is highly mobile, we can help move your entire operation to the cloud, from file and application servers, to Voice-over-IP telephony, VPNs and integrated messaging.

On-Call IT Support

Of course we offer on-call onsite & remote support. If your PC or server is acting up, you have a virus or malware issue, or you are planning a new we can help resolve the issue or clean-up the mess. 
For new IT infrastructure; a remodeled facility, a robust cloud based video system to monitor your premises 24/7, network planning or build-out or other IT needs, TekSys will be there for you.

Sure, you could save a little change.

Every week it seems a new managed services company launches in the BCS area. Often they have big impressive sounding names, but if they had honest names it would be something like “Mom’s Free Rent Basement IT Services” or “Cleaned Out The Garage and Found a Desk Networking Services.”
TekSys brings over 30 years of world-class IT experience to the table. Our technicians have provided satellite, WAN, VPN, VOIP, Cloud and local area network services to some of the largest corporate and government customers in the US and now you can have that level of service for your business.

With TekSys, its personal.

Other IT companies can send your support calls down the long dark hole of foreign based tech support. So even when they speak your language, they don’t understand your needs.
TekSys technicians get to know more than your IT environment, they get to know your business, your employees and are able to zero in on your individual needs and what it takes to make your IT environment work for you.

Next Steps…

If you are ready to take your IT environment to the next level AND continue to focus on your core business, let TekSys give you a customized plan for management and future growth.

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