Simple Hardware Maintenance Tips

Simple Hardware Maintenance Tips

If you run a business in the modern era, whether from your kitchen table at home or from a massive office complex, IT will undoubtedly be one of your biggest outlays, and yet many companies are paying more than they need by regularly having to repair or replace damaged hardware. We know. They are usually paying us for the repair.

Here are five tips to keep you off our service call list and increase the time between replacements.

  1. Keep it clean: keeping your keyboard, mouse, and CPU ports clean will save a lot of damage and keep your office looking good as well. Mice and keyboards should be cleaned with lint free cloths that have been lightly moistened. Don’t spray water directly onto a keyboard or mouse. In areas where you can’t use a cloth, use a compressed air canister to clean out the dust. Make sure you clean all the ports as well, as this can prevent overheating.
  2. Wipe down the monitor: clean your monitor regularly with a microfiber cloth, and if it is heavily stained purchase a dedicated LCD screen cleaner.
  3. Organize your cables: one of the most common ways that hardware gets damaged is when people trip over cables, and of course this can hurt the users as well. Organize your cables using cable clips, a rotating power strip and/or an organizing panel to keep your cables neat and tidy. Consider also labelling your cables so that they never get plugged into the wrong socket, a frequent cause of damage to computer ports.
  4. Back up, back up, back up: always back up your data somewhere separately, whether in the cloud or on portable hard drives (which should be stored well away from your computers); always remember the old saying, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If something terrible happened like a fire in your office, how much worse would it be if you lost your entire client list or accounts at the same time?
  5. Don’t overcharge: many people feel insecure if their laptop isn’t fully charged most of the time, but in fact this will, counterintuitively, damage your battery. The more you charge your battery, the lower its lifespan will be; try to only charge any device when it needs it, i.e., if the charge level drops below 20%.

Teksys Networks offers Managed Service Plans that can help your business network, servers and end users stay up and running with the latest operating system updates, business software, data protection and Anti-Virus. We’ll keep your systems online and available when you need them.

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