Top Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Softphones

Even in the age of the Internet, a basic phone call still plays a massive role in business communication. After the last year off lockdowns and shutdowns and remote working it is particularly true.

As a result, many businesses are now looking at softphones as the ideal solution for employee communications. A softphone is essentially a phone that runs on software on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It has all the features of a normal phone, i.e., the keypad, transfer buttons, etc., and often many additional features made possible by the fact that it is powered by a computer. Below we list five advantages of furnishing your employees with softphones rather than desk phones.

  1. Keeping your business phone with you: softphones allow employees to carry their business phone with them wherever they are, offsite, moving between offices, in meetings, etc. Of course this could be accomplished with a mobile phone, but many people still like to call a traditional phone and the costs are lower.
  2. Protecting cell numbers: many employees will appreciate the fact that with a softphone they can have all the advantages of a cellphone but only have to give out their office number, meaning they can keep their private cellphone completely private, as well as not having to spend their data allowance on company business.
  3. Efficient working: as mentioned above, because a softphone is run on a computer or device, it can have much more power and features than a desk phone. Calls can be transferred, you can see lists of calls made, notified of who is calling you, and so on. Having verifiable call logs helps you see which employees are using their time in customer outreach, support, and sales.
  4. Video calling: most softphones allow for in-app video calling, meaning no need for basements in videophones, frequently with conference calling features that can cut the bills normally run up by using paid for providers such as Zoom. Integrated conference and video calling also simplifies call setup and scheduling.
  5. Tidying up the office space: a standard desk phone may have three or more cords, power cord, ethernet connection, standard cord… if everyone in an office uses a softphone, a lot of desk space is freed up and a lot of unsightly, trip hazard wiring can be removed.

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